The internet is spinning its wheels on conspiracy theories as it has discovered a series of books from the late 19th-century that holds eerie resemblances to the Trump administration has sent the internet into a tizzy.

The two books — 1893s “Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey” and 1896s “1900: or, The Last President — were written by Ingersoll Lockwood, an American political writer, lawyer and novelist long before the Trump we know today was busy making America great again.

The book titles and the connections to President Donald Trump and his son Barron are just the beginning of several spooky parallels. In the children’s books, the novels tell the tale of a wealthy aristocratic boy who lives in ‘Castle Trump’ and is guided on his journey to Russia by a man named ‘Don.’

The multitude of similarities to the Trump family living in present day America and the tales in the tomes have internet conspiracy theorists concluding the Trump family is capable of time travel.

Baron visits Russia on an extraordinary adventure. Baron’s guided through his adventure by ‘the master of all masters,’ a man named ‘Don.’

The Trump family motto, the one in the book that is, is: ‘The pathway to glory is strewn with pitfalls and dangers.’