KANPUR (Web Desk) – Clicking a simple selfie spelled disaster for a 19-year-old and six of his friends, who drowned in the Ganga river in the Indian city of Kanpur yesterday.

The incident happened while seven young men, all close friends, were out for a swim in the river after heavy rains, the NDTV reported.

“Shivam was clicking a selfie while bathing, but he lost his balance and started drowning in the river,” explained Superintendent of Police Sachindra Patel. “Maqsood tried to save him, but also lost his balance due to the high water level and fast current in the river following heavy rainfall.”

The rest of their friends jumped one after another to save the others but drowned in their attempts, the police officer added.

A team of divers was deployed and the bodies of the seven boys were recovered within two hours.

The seven deceased men have been identified as Sachin Gupta (21), Bholu Tiwari (20), Rohit (20), Shivam (19), Maqsood (31), Bhola (16) and Satyam (24).

Police said the matter will be investigated.

In a similar incident in January, three Mumbai girls drowned after falling into the Arabian Sea while clicking selfies on a rock jutting out of the sea near Bandra Fort. A man who jumped in trying to save them also drowned.