WALES – A Pakistani mother living in Wales has been jailed for five years after videos of her having sex with her 14-year-old son were found on her mobile. The mother allegedly sent the videos to a cousin of hers in Pakistan, alongside indecent images of her three-year-old daughter too.

Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court heard how the 36-year-old, who has not been identified, recorded the “truly shocking” pornographic clips on her mobile phone, including oral sex and other sexual acts.

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The mother’s horrific videos were found on her mobile phone by her 13-year-old daughter who alerted the father.

“The videos showed the boy rubbing her breasts and rubbing her vagina,” prosecutor Ian Kolvin told the court Monday. “Under instructions she gave him they are seen having sexual intercourse.”

“She had been in contact with a cousin in Pakistan who had never had sex with a girl,” added Kolvin, while explaining the motivation behind her shocking act.

 It is understood the mother-of-four recorded the videos at the request of a cousin in Pakistan, according to The Express.

The woman admitted to six counts of incestuous sexual acts, storing child pornography images as well as circulating them. She has been jailed for five years and has been registered on the sex offenders list for life.

The mother, dressed in a lime green hijab in a video, was seen sobbing as her son’s victim impact statement was read out.

He said: “I feel very upset and ashamed of what my mother did. I wish it hadn’t happened and I had a happy life.”

And to his mother he said: “Every day I miss you, but you shouldn’t have done it.”

“I hope you are okay – we all miss you and we ask about you every day,” the statement continued.

The court heard the offences in May this year. The family was split up during the hearings and all four children are now under care of the government.

Ruth Smith, the defense counsel, said the accused woman, who had an arranged marriage, was a loyal wife who “deeply loved” her children but had lived her life in her own culture.

Ms Smith said: “She received threats from a third party in another country which caused her to behave in a way which was completely out of character.”

“There are cultural differences, she lives in a male dominated society, she did what she was told,” argued the counsel.

“She did not want to cause conflict and did not want to bring shame on her family for fear she would be cut off and ostracised by them.”

“She felt she could not see a way out of the dilemma,” explained Smith.

Ms Smith added that her client had already been punished by being separated from her children and was not even allowed to write them.

“She is full of remorse and shame,” she explained.