MASSACHUSETTS – In a bizarre turn of events, 20 year old American Michelle Carter urged her boyfriend Conrad Roy to kill himself via text messages to get some attention.

According to Bristol Assistant District Attorney Maryclare Flynn, the American girl pressurised her boyfriend in text messages to attempt suicide so she could become “the grieving girlfriend”.

Her boyfriend Roy killed himself in 2014 by inhaling carbon monoxide in his car when he was forced by Carter.

Initially, Roy climbed off the car after he was scared for his life but his girlfriend forced him to go back, the text messages revealed. the Carter told her friends that she was the reason behind Roy’s death.

Text messages conversation between Carter and Roy

Carter told her friends that she was the reason behind Roy’s death.

Surprisingly, Flynn said in Taunton District Court that she began to get the attention she craved for.

“So she has to make it happen — she has to make him kill himself so that she’s not seen as a liar. She has to be the grieving girlfriend to get the sympathy and attention she craves.” said Flynn.

Carter has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and let go of the right to a jury trial. The judge alone will decide her fate now.

Carter’s lawyer said that it was Roy’s choice to take his life during those days when Carter was talking to him, adding that she was mentally unstable and was taking antidepressants.

These two teenagers were from different towns and used mobile phones to communicate with each other.

At night when Roy kill himself  he was frightened, but Carter tease him for not taking this step

“All you have to do is turn on the generator and you will be free and happy. People who commit suicide don’t think this much. They just do it. You’d better not be bull****ting me and just pretending. Tonight is the night, it’s now or never,” her text messages read.

However, the counsel for Carter argued that Roy’s killing was a case of suicide instead of homicide.

“Conrad Roy even acknowledged that Michelle Carter doesn’t have influence over him,” he said. “He was on this path to take his own life for years,”  her defence said, citing several of Roy’s attempts to take his own life before July 2014.