LONDON – Former American model Christina Estrada was awarded $68 million in a London High Court settlement after divorcing her wealthy ex-husband on Friday.

According to the details, Christina Estrada went to The High Court in London after Saudi businessman and ex-husband Sheikh Walid Juffali took a second wife and divorced the model in 2014.

Estrada’s argument in court claimed that she needed to meet “reasonable needs” in the settlement including 1.2 million pounds per year just for clothes. More specifically, the model requested more than $141,000 for haute couture dresses, $51,000 for fur coats and $27,000 for shoes each year, as well as five cars and expensive homes in both London and the Beverly Hills.

After a five-day hearing, Justice Jennifer Roberts gave her a lesser sum, but her lawyers say it is by far the largest “needs award” ever made by an English court.

On the other hand, the cancer-striken Juffali could not appear in court as he was in a Switzerland hospital being treated. He said in a statement that he was hoping that money would be left to his three children, including the teenage daughter he shares with Estrada.

Sandra Davis, who represented Juffali, said he was more than willing to provide a comfortable lifestyle for Estrada and the “sole purpose” of the case was to determine an appropriate financial settlement.