SYDNEY (Web Desk) – Australia’s government is set to create a licensing scheme for the cultivation of cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain and patients undergoing chemotherapy among other conditions.

The country currently allows manufacture and supply of cannabis-based medicine, but there isn’t a method which enables growth of a safe and sustainable supply.

Sussan Ley, the Australian government’s Health Minister, said: “I have heard stories of patients who have resorted to illegal methods of obtaining cannabis and I have felt for them, because with a terminal condition, the most important thing is quality of life and relief of pain.”


While the government is currently making amendments to the Narcotics Drugs Act 1967, allowing for the controlled cultivation of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes, Ms Ley explained the changes will not impact the legality of marijuana for recreational use – which will remain against the law.

There’s still a few hurdles to jump before medicinal cannabis growth is legal in Australia.

Obviously not just any Tom/Dick/Harry/Wendy/Brenda could grow weed.

It’s likely that only patients with a doctor-given prescription or on a specific medical trial will receive treatment.