NEW DLEHI (Web Desk) -A legal battle is being fought over a man who is in coma, with two women claiming to be his wife.

According to reports, a woman filed a petition with the Delhi High Court alleging that another woman and her son had “illegally detained” her husband who is in coma. The woman alleged that the other woman had illegally taken her comatose husband home from the hospital he was a patient at.

However, the second woman has also claimed that she is the man’s lawfully wedded wife.

Unable to reach a conclusion so far, the court has suggested a temporary solution: the second woman should continue taking care of the man at her home but must allow the petitioner to visit the man every Wednesday for an hour.

The court is expected to hear the matter again next month. Till then, the two women will have to live with this arrangement.

India’s Hindu Marriage Act bars second marriage; therefore, the court will need to decide who the man married first, if at all.