NEW DELHI – As the old saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention.”

Similarly, a Delhi-based startup called ‘Book My Chotu’ has identified a problem many people, across India, are facing right now and came up with a unique solution.

Since Indian premier announced the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes, and a daily withdrawal limit of Rs 2,000/Rs 2,500 was imposed on ATMs and Rs 4,000 in exchange of old currency notes from banks, long queues outside banks and ATMs have become constant and part of daily life of Indians.

So the easiest solution to this problem is getting someone else to stand in the queue for you. Simple!

And that’s exactly what the Delhi-based startup ‘BOOK MY CHOTU’ is offering.  Declaring themselves as the “first on-demand helper booking website”, the startup is providing “chotus”who would wait in queues for you.

Book My Chotu’s advertisement

The ‘Chotu’ will take Rs 90 per hour, Rs 170 for two hours, Rs 260 for three hours, Rs 330 for four, Rs 380 for five, Rs 450 for a six-hour-queue, Rs 500 full for seven hours and Rs 550 for an eight-hour-long queue.


A disclaimer in one of their Facebook posts said, “please note our boys will not go inside the bank, to help save our customer’s valuable time” and “also, chotu is just a name, all our helpers are above 18 years of age”.