Living in a corporate world isn’t easy especially when you have limited cash and never-ending retail wishes.

Don’t worry, though. There is a psychological trick you can use to get away with paying less than you owe, and no, it doesn’t require bargaining.

First you select a product, inspect it and agree on a price.

But just as you are about to pay, take out from your wallet an amount that is between 10-20% less than the originally agreed-upon price, and ask them seller to count it.

As soon as the retailer realizes that the money falls short of the price, start searching your pockets apparently to find the missing money.

Tell the seller in a frustrated tone that you have the lost money somewhere and ask for your money back money back.

9 times out of ten, the seller, after feeling the cold hard cash in his hands, will ask to keep the money even though it is less than both of you agreed on.

Go back home and enjoy you buy, knowing it could have cost you a lot more.