BEIJING (Web Desk) – “It is better to hit to kill than to hit and injure,” is a common saying in China and the country’s drivers do not mean it light-heartedly.

Chinese drivers have long been known to drive over pedestrians they have crashed into until they are dead. Security cameras  have recorded hundreds of instances in which drivers run back and forth over their victims to make sure they are dead. Observers have said this is due to the peculiar nature of China’s lax hit-and-run legislation, which allows many drivers to get away scott-free if they are no witnesses against them.

According to Slate, in a similar incident driver named Zhao Xiao Cheng smashed into a 64-year-old grandmother, and later killed her. His activity was not only recorded by a security camera; it was also aired by some TV channels.

However, when the case was presented before court of Taizhou district in Zhejiang province of China, he told the judge: “I thought I was driving over a trash bag.” Nonetheless, the court accepted his stance and sentenced him to three years in jail for the “negligence on road,” under the poor hit-and-run legislature.

You can watch hundreds of such videos online, however it is expected that the practice will decline now that the country’s legislature has called for treating multiple-hit cases as murder.

But still, it will be hard to prove murder cases before the Chinese courts, where judges have been known to receive all such allegations with skepticism.