Lahore: CSH Pharmacy and Guardian (Lifestyle) Pharmacy in Defence, Y-block Round Market are reportedly selling melted, expired medicine to it’s customers, according to Daily Pakistan sources.

Customer Syeda Humaira filed a complaint against the two pharmacies, claiming that they had sold her ‘MELTED’ medicine, after which her mother kept vomiting the whole night.

Experts state that storing medications in higher temperatures can have a significant effect on their potency, and may turn out to be fatal.

For example, when stored over 98 degrees, lorazepam and diazepam decrease potency by 75 percent and 25 percent, respectively. Albuterol inhalers for asthma can explode when stored in temperatures over 120 degrees; even in moderately high temperatures, they deliver less of the chemical than when they are stored at room temperature.

In fact, any medication that is contained in an aerosolized container can explode in temperatures over 120 degrees.

According to Humaira, Guardian sold her ‘ZYPREXA-5MG’, which is a relaxant.

“The medicine Guardian Pharmacy sold me was rubber-like and melted, due to which I went back to them to return and claim my money back. They refused, and stated that they had gotten the medicine delivered from CSH Pharmacy. After CSH didn’t claim responsibility, Guardian also partnered with them, and said that I was faking the whole thing to get Rs.800 back. I don’t need Rs.800, you need to stop your corruption and selling POISON to your customers!”, Humaira stated.