OTTAWA –  Canadian father who raped two of his daughters and impregnated one of them has revealed he too was born out of incest and that his mother is also his sister.

Jacques Lesage was convicted of raping his daughters Lucie, 53, and Nathalie, 49, in Quebec over a period of 32 years.

On Tuesday, 79-year-old Lesage told a court that he was born out of incest himself and that his mother was also his sister. He said his wife was also abused by her carers and that the pair married when she was 13 to rescue her from them.

Lesage, a father-of-eight, said he was sexually assaulted by his father and later by carers at a Catholic orphanage, CBC reports.

He fathered three children with his own daughter Lucie, the eldest of which is severely disabled and requires round-the-clock care. She had their first child when she was just 13.

The sisters asked to be named publicly during court proceedings to ensure their father was brought to justice.

Their other sister, Chantal Knippenberg, also says she was abused by their father but he was found not guilty of assaulting her. He faces two other charges relating to the sexual abuse of an unnamed minor.