PESHAWAR (Web Desk) – Doctors have recovered hair clips and other metal objects from the stomach of a mentally challenged tribal lady.

A 22-year-old patient was brought to the Ibrahimi hospital, doctors carried out an ultrasound test to determine the cause of her abdominal pain. They recommended surgery to remove the metal objects from her stomach, The Express Tribune reported.

“We carried out tests and came to know about some foreign bodies lodged in her abdomen. Then, we decided for a surgery since Maryam was in severe pain,” Khan said. The surgeon revealed that Maryam underwent a four-hour-long image-controlled surgery during which pins, nails, hair clips and other metal objects were removed from her stomach.

Although Maryam’s condition is said to be stable, she will remain at the Ibrahimi Hospital for nearly a week. Khan said Maryam had been receiving psychiatric treatment before she was brought to the hospital by her parents.