NEW YORK (Web Desk) – Are you one of those people who keep sitting for too long or sleep for hours in the fetal position? If yes, there is something worth worrying about for you. That is Dormant Butt Syndrome: a new muscle ailment.

Recently, researchers at Ohio State University issued warnings about this syndrome, calling those who keep sitting all the day as an easy target.

According to Dr Chris Kolba of Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, Dormant Butt Syndrome primarily deals with the gluteus-maximus (glute muscles located in hip region that support the whole body) when they are not functioning as efficiently as they should.

The physiotherapist says that these muscles work as a shock absorber and primary support to body but when they are too weak, it results in back, hip and even knee pain.

However, the treatment of this disease is also pretty easy “just stay flexible and keep moving instead of sleeping all the day.”

Dr Kolba adds that stretching of thighs and hip flexes, and adopting some other exercises to activate the glutes and the lateral hips region is the best cure of this syndrome.