ALEXANDRIA (Web Desk) – The northern Egyptian city of Alexandria has set a new world record when it hosted the longest food table that fed thousands of Muslims breaking their fast during the holy month of Ramazan.

Representative of Guinness World Record Sida Shibaysi told the local media the seaside table in the Mediterranean city was 4 kilometers and 303 meters long, the local Al-Masry Al-Youm reported her as saying during a press conference on Friday.

Eight hundred people had to volunteer to make this happening.


The official-state English language Ahram Online said 7,000 participants were registered to attend the event but the table could host 10,000 to have their iftar meals.


Iftar is when fasting Muslims break their fast after abstaining from water and food from sunrise to sunset.

Attendees were welcomed to join the table, which was extended from Alexandria’s Stanley to San Stefano districts, two hours before sunset where they were offered food by 500 servers.


“The goal of this table is to restore the honourable tourist side of Alexandria,” Alexandria Governor Hany el-Meseery said.

He also said that about 7,500 meals, provided with the help of the Egyptian army, naval and police forces were donated.


The Cairo Post reported a group of young people called “The Radioactive Team” suggested the idea of building the extensive table looking to break the record set by another Iftar table in 2013. The team contacted restaurants, along with both private and public institutions to participate.


The event was sponsored by various meat and fish restaurants along with the Egyptian Businessmen Association and The Chamber of Commerce of Alexandria.