BRIGHTON (Web Desk) – A 37-year-old woman is marking the first anniversary of her marriage to herself after 20 years of failing to find perfect guy.

Recalling the proceedings of her unusual marriage, Sophie Tanner, who is digital consultant by profession, said she had bought a ring and an ivory dress for the occasion and had recited the Christian wedding vows to love herself till death in front of a congregation.

Sophie’s 68-year-old father Mr Malcom and her best friend James McGeown, 34, were also present on the occasion.

About the crazy idea of marrying herself, Sophie, after one year, says that she was fed up of pleasing others during her three long-term relationships which ended in infidelity.

This led to her decision of wedding herself. She wrote a letter to a local registry office and asked if there was a possibility of marriage like this, but she got a ‘no’.

“After being told that it was not possible, I was even more determined to do so, why should I miss out the best day of my life just because I hadn’t found my Mr Right yet?” she has been quoted as saying by Daily Star.

“Such marriage addresses the notion that being single and enjoying your life is also a viable lifestyle choice, and luckily my family and friends also supported me for this,” she adds.

After one year of self-marriage, she still feels cool about herself saying that people might think I’m crazy but it doesn’t matter for me and I encourage more women to commit such acts of loving themselves.

However, marrying herself couldn’t stop Sophie from dating men. She concedes the fact, adding that she isn’t committing a crime.

She is of the opinion that she hasn’t given up on love and as her marriage was not legal she can marry someone else without committing a crime.