There is a common perception that if a plane strikes its tail on runway while taking off for a flight it is probably going to explode. But every plane has to pass through a VMU test that involves dragging tail of the planes along runway to calculate the minimum speed required for takeoff.

The VMU test is also carried to measure the takeoff angle of every plane.

Planes are also passed through Spray Tests in order to dry out the water present in places like engines.

During another test planes are stopped right before they get minimum speed required to takeoff. As a result of test the wheels catch fire and planes are required to to wait for five minutes without any assistance from firefighters. The purpose of the test is to simulate response time to such emergency events.

The plane wings are also tested for holding 150% of the load before they break away. The wings are usually tested for their flexibility in this process.

Another test is carried out to calculate that how long the engine casing can hold any floating part.