NEW DELHI – You must have heard the proverb ‘Divide and Rule’ but an Indian digital security firm (BPO) manipulated the proverb and harnessed their own strategy to scam people in order to mint money.

Known as the hub of Information Technology in Asia, India has been claiming to excel in the field of security solutions and software but a Gurgaon-based call centre named Saburi TLC duped a huge number of foreigners by planting pop-up messages in their web browsers that warns of a highly potential virus infection in their computers.

According to a report published by Hindustan Times, the ‘con’ call centre devised a fraudulent tech-support system that forces people to buy costly security software for the safety of their computers.

The call centre agent when called by consumers after a pop up message, requested remote access, introducing themselves as Apple certified agents.

The helpless consumers accepted the request and after a few minutes, the agent informed them about scores of ‘non-existing’ viruses before warning them that their computer would cease to work if they do not buy software package.

After this, the consumers were convinced to pay the scammers for their computers to run seamlessly despite the fact that their computers had actually no virus.

Located on the outskirts of NCR, the company is mostly run by fresh graduates. As per HT, the company is known to many as Tech Live Connect, a representative of Apple, and is run by Saburi TLC whose CEO is Anuj Jain.

Anuj denies that blame lies with his company but admits receiving such complaints. Many of the company’s ex-employees say that the moment you step into the office, your supervisors tells you “you are scammers and you have to trap customers, no matter how, company’s target is to dupe every caller of anywhere between $10 to $500.”