Kings College, Student Union has a new President now, and he’s a young Pakistani male.

Momin Saqib, a resident of Lahore, Pakistan, had record-breaking votes that led him to beat his competitors and win the title of Presidency in Kings College, where he is the first non-EU member to have gotten the position.

Speaking to a local news source, Momin stated that he would be involved in policy-making which would be the voice of the students. He also told the news source that the meetings would take place with the Vice Chancellor of KC & Queen Elizabeth’s own Personal Secretary.

Momin exclaimed,”I want to be the voice of the students. They have a lot of problems, and I want to help them with their concerns. For starters, there is Islamophobia and Racism, and I want to highlight these issues. I want to fight for international as well as home students, so that there are no more increments in our fees, and I want to fight for the right to free education for all.”

Momin was later asked what he would do once he is finished with his University, to which he said that he would want to come back to Pakistan & do the same for his country.

“I was always a multi-tasker in Pakistan, which basically helped me in College here. I got involved in the society and socialised, and then I got involved in the Students Union. I really want to take all these experiences home and bring about a positive change in Pakistan.”

In a country where there is a fight for justice everyday, extremists are being eradicated & the fight for ending corruption goes on, Momin comes with a lot of hope and shines in all his glory to bring about a positive image to the country’s people.

We are proud of you, Momin!