BHARATPUR (Web Desk) – An Indian father has been carrying his one-month-old daughter in a cloth sling around his neck all the day when he is working since his wife died giving birth to the child in Bharatpur.

According to an online circulating inspirational story Bablu Jatav who pulls a cycle rickshaw all the day also takes good care of his daughter Damini. “Her mother died during her birth and since then there is relative take care of her at home, so I am forced to take her with me at work,” Jatay says.

He continues one day my little angel will grow up and proudly say “My father is my hero”.

‘We had this baby after 15 years of our marriage, my wife was so happy when we were blessed with a daughter, but it is very sad she passed away.’

Here is the detailed story of Bablu Jatav:

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Posted by Sujit Meher on Tuesday, August 11, 2015