NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – A Delhi student now holds the world record for playing the piano continuously for the longest time.

Mrityunjay Sharma, a student at Shri Ram College of Commerce, played for more than 103 hours to break the record, the NDTV reported.

“I feel very grateful that I got an opportunity to do something for my nation because this record will last for so many years with foreign nations,” he said.

After playing non-stop for over 100 hours, the 19-year-old took a 20-minute break and started to play again to reach his target, which was 155 hours.


This was a strategy by Mrityunjay so that India’s record is not broken.

“This record title comes in the marathon category and we have 5 minutes on every completion of one hour. So, this is how I accumulated minutes. I wanted to show that music is pervasive and it has just one language,” he said.

Mrityunjay has been awarded one hundred thousand rupees by Shri Ram College of Commerce.

The young pianist was always interested in the keyboards and played the harmonium even before he could learn to write.