KOLKATA: An Indian boy has introduced an air-conditioned horse carriage in India. He reportedly built the carriage himself.

The DIY carriage operator is Sujit Sil, who owns six horse carriages.

Explaining his decision to fit one carriage with an AC, he said, “I am always game for doing something unique. I wanted to ramp up the decor of my coaches with intricate wooden work, like the ones you see in Varanasi and Lucknow. During my research I came across coaches in England and Switzerland,” he said.


“Initially, we tried out revolving glass panes, but they kept breaking because there isn’t enough space in the stable. So, we put up thick, transparent plastic curtains,” Sil said.


Sil charges passengers Rs 10,000-15,000 a night depending on the distance they cover. He has to factor in the cost of a diesel generator and maintenance of the landau and AC.

His decked-out carriage is in especially high demand during the marriage season, the Times of India reported.


“This is my passion. I spent over Rs 4 lakh on this landau. And going by the response, I might unveil 3-4 more AC-fitted horse carriages,” said Sil, who heads operations at D Sen & Co, a supplier of carriages and accessories that dates back 65 years.