BEIJING (News Desk) – A 101-year-old Chinese woman who truly believes in the argument “the world is beautiful and it’s never late to appreciate the enthralling creatures around the globe” has recently obtained her first ever passport and she plans a world tour now.

According to the Chinese media, the woman is surnamed Liu and hails from the Wuxi area in east China’s Jiangsu Province. Liu’s family says her traveling will start from Japan and South Korea via boat.

The family of the energetic woman also fully supports her plan to travel around the world. One of her ten children, a daughter, told newsmen that her mother had a really tough time in the initial years of her life.

“Now, we want her to enjoy as much as she can in the remaining year,” she went on to say.

Some reports suggest that Liu has previously been traveling across China through bus on her own, however, her family plans to accompany her to the world tour.

It is also worth mentioning here that China does not prohibit its aged citizens from obtaining passports, however, such applicants do need to produce a medical certificate prior to traveling abroad.