LAHORE (Staff Report) – The talcum powder advertisement actor who became instant sensation after talcum advertisement went viral on internet.

Actor’s new ad is nothing less joy and pleasure to watch, Johnny & Jugnu burger ad in which the guy can be seen in diverse roles.

Burger Ad

He is snake charmer and then funky guy after eating the bite of burger.

In the act of snake charmer, the actor first enticed the crowd around him and then open the snake box.

There is no snake and two fresh burgers present in the box.

Fan AD


The burgers are not meant for crowd, he and her fellow snake charmer ate the bite of burger, and after taking bite somewhat similar thing happens just like what happened in energy drink advertisement.

Talcum Powder Ad

After eating it, his life has changed, as it was also mentioned in the ad ‘ Zindgi Badal Day’.