Leopard electrocuted after it climbs 12-feet pole in India’s Telangana

  • Officials says leopard might have climbed pole like any other tree

HYDERABAD, INDIA – A five-year-old leopard died of electrocution when it climbed an 12-feet electricity pole in Telangana state in southern India, local media reported.

The incident happened in Mallaram forest area in Nizamabad district on Monday after the leopard strayed into an village.

The villagers were going to their field on Monday morning when they were shocked to see a dead leopard was entangled in high tension wires.

The people informed the police and forest department regarding the happening. The officials reached the spot and disconnected the power supply to bring down the carcass.

According to officials, the ill-fated leopard came into the village in search of food and climbed on the pole to catch his prey when it received electric shocks leading to its death.

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Talking to Hindustan Times, Nizamabad divisional forest officer VSLV Prasad was astonished that how the animal climbed the pole as there were no trees around.

The media outlet quoted the official as saying, “Leopards are capable of climbing up the long trees, and so, this leopard also might have climbed the pole like any other tree”.

According to researchers, they are very agile, and can run at over 58 kilometres per hour (36 mph), leap over 6 metres (20 ft) horizontally, and jump up to 3 metres (9.8 ft) vertically.