BARCELONA (Web Desk) – The luxury car company Lexus has at last unveiled its real working hoverboard. The company invited press to experience the future (may be) at beachside.

The object of childhood fantasy since Back to the Future movies of the 1980s, floating skateboard got its first ever drive by professional skateboarders. In a custom make skate park, skateboarders rode the board which operates using liquid nitrogen and magnets.

The heavy metal board is packed with ceramic tiles that are then cooled with liquid nitrogen to about 190 degrees Celsius below zero and act as superconductors.

The downside of Lexus hoverboard is that it only operates with in the specialised skate park, which is made from wood, painted to look like cement and embedded with a magnetic track.

Appearing to ride on water, the magnetic track also runs under a small pool in the skate park. The hoverboard is created by a group of scientists in Hamburg, Germany, who have been working on maglev technology.