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SAINT PETERSBURG – An angry husband filled his wife’s car with concrete after she reportedly changed her surname to win a supermarket promotion.

The bizarre incident took place in Russia’s city of St Petersburg where a man lost his cool as he was already having complications with his wife.

The final straw in their relationship was when she changed her last name, from his surname to the name of a supermarket, ironically called Veniy (Loyal).

What motivated the lady to change the surname was the promise made by the supermarket chain to pay 50,000 RUB (£703 GBP) per month to any customers prepared to legally change their surname to that of their brand.

An eyewitness captured the incident on camera. The man, whose name has not been revealed, is seen directing a concrete mixing lorry.


He then gives the order for the lorry’s load of cement to be poured into the car, filling the vehicle up to the level of the windows.

The irritated man came up with the idea of filling her car with concrete because the lady loved the car too much and kept it clean.