NEW DELHI – No doubt, humanity is the best religion for humans. And, only the followers of this great religion can tolerate the believers of the other faiths. Pooja Kushwaha, who hails from Agra in India’s Uttar Pradesh state, is also one of this sort of the people.

The 18-year-old Hindu girl has been giving lessons of the Holy Quran to the Muslim children for last many years, despite the religious differences. According to the Times of India, the most of Kushwaha’s students are poor and cannot afford to pay for Quran lessons.

Few years ago, when Kushwaha started teaching Quran to Muslim students, very few came to her house, however, the number kept growing. Eventually, her house became small to accommodate the students and she started teaching them in the open air. Today, she has 35 students.

Responding to the question that from where did she learn to read Arabic and Quran, Pooja Kushwaha said: “Previously, a woman of mixed belief named Sangeeta Begum used to teach these kids. She was born to a Hindu mother and Muslim father and hence she knew Quran well. However, she was unable to continue her practice due to some personal issues. She came to me and requested me to take her place. She also taught me Quran and Arabic.”

Kushwaha’s family also backs her effort to support the poor Muslim families in a distinguished way. Her mother Reshma Begum said that she is very pleased to a daughter like this.

Nandini, the elder sister of Kushwaha, is also supportive to her and helps her to teach the poor and underprivileged students other subjects in Hindi.