ZAGREB – In a bizarre incident that is being hailed as a ‘miracle’, a man’s genitals saved his life after he was struck by lightning.

Zoran Jurkovic, 41, from the small eastern Croatian village of Petrovci was listening to his headphones when a thunderstorm formed overhead. After being struck on the head by a bolt, the current flowing through the man was earthed through his penis.

The medics said that it was a miracle that the lightning charge had bypassed Zoran’s chest and missed his heart, the Mail Online reported.


At the time he was wearing his work overalls, which included a high visibility jacket and thick old rubber boots. Because of the boots, the electricity was not able to earth through his feet, but after striking him on the head doctors claimed that instead of passing through his body – and most likely destroying his internal organs and stopping his heart – the electricity had followed the cables of the headphones.

According to medics, it had then left his body by earthing through his genitals with the help of a small radio clipped to his belt.

“I saw black clouds and flashes of light appear in the sky and thunder could be heard booming across the nearby fields. I tried to ride faster to get to shelter in time, but I was too late,” Jurkovic said of the lightning strike.