NEW YORK (Web Desk) – Although Islamophobia is on the rise in West but a Muslim driver’s amazing response to a New Yorker left him shocked and compelled to write a post in favour of that driver that went viral.

Daniel Green, who works at Daniel Green Music called an Uber driver Ali and asked him to carry him to a store first for the replacement of his equipment and then to his apartment keeping the meter on (for calculation of fare).

But to his surprise, the Uber Muslim driver Ali gave him a favour of simply dropping off his equipment to far off place in the city without Daniel bothering for the hassle, saving his return fare and time.

The confused Daniel handed over the equipment but after a scant period of time, he was flabbergasted as he received the response from the store after they received the equipment.

Not only that, the responsible driver prompted Daniel with receipt of his equipment and Uber receipt.

The impressed Daniel took to Facebook to praise the driver as his generosity saved time and few bucks of Daniel.

He signed off the letter in reference to Donald Trump’s campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’: