New York allocates $32 million for war on rats

  • Population of rats would be reduced to 70 percent under new plan
  • Operation to be launched in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn

NEW YORK – New York City has allocated $32 million for a plan to end the reign of rodents in three most infested neighbourhoods of the city.

The million dollars plan aimed at reducing the rat population by 70 percent in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn, reported international media.

Over 10,000 complaints of rat sightings have been lodged with the New York City Health Department since the start of 2017, while it received 31,362 rat-complaints last year.

“We refuse to accept rats as a normal part of living in New York City,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement.

According to CGTN News, the population of rats will be reduced to 70 percent by depriving them of food and adopting other methods under the new plan.

The allocated amount will be spent on rat-resistent trash cans, replacing dirt basement floors with concrete in public housing, increasing trash collection and forcing larger buildings to put out garbage only shortly before trash collection, CGTN added.