LONDON (Web Desk) – When a guy too involved in his relationship and did not respond to the messages or calls of his friends, they decided to do something cheeky.

20-year-old Keiran Cable from Wales was going to a pub to watch the Rugby World Cup and just then he got the shock of his life when 50 of his friends organised a fake funeral for him.

There was even a fake vicar who sang football songs instead of hymns.

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One of Cable’s friend spent two days to make a coffin in which Cable was put into.

The funeral was held because his friends thought that Cable had been spending too much time with his girlfriend, and ignored the others practically disappearing from his friend circle.

Cable was all smiles for receiving this much attention and his lover too took the incident lightly.

The fifty people who attended the funeral were close friends and most of them played football with Keiran.

One of the friends present even sang a song in memory of Cable which was tuned to Kaiser Chiefs’song “Ruby”.

Courtesy: India Today