LONDON (Staff Report) It seems Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has huge following even abroad.

The Pakistani premier, who is on a tour to United Kingdom for medical treatment, was caught by camera last night at a shopping store in central London.

However, the salesman at Scabal was unaware of the political office PM Nawaz holds and mentioned him as “President of Pakistan”. He was, later on, corrected by one of the social media user.


Soon after the picture was posted on Friday night, a mixed reaction from social media users filled in the comments box.

PM Nawaz leaves for UK amid noise over Panama Papers

The PM’s tour, which started last Wednesday, came at a time when the Opposition is boiling over the Panama leaks scandal which involved Sharif family.

Massive leak alleges PM Nawaz, sons and daughter among world leaders who use tax havens to hide their wealth

A massive leak of 11.5 million tax documents on April 3 exposed the secret offshore dealings of world leaders and celebrities, also naming three of the Prime Minister’s children for owning real estate through offshore companies in London.