RIYADH(Web Desk) – A Saudi businessman has offered 1 million Saudi riyal to purchase an anchorwoman’s iPhone through which the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged his supporters to take to the streets and foil Friday’s attempted military coup via a FaceTime call.

According to the detials, Tayyip Erdogan appealed to people to come out in streets and defeat the coup on Friday night via Facetime chat. The CNN broadcaster who broadcasted the video has now been offered by Saudi man to sale her iPhone for whooping amount of approximately 1 million Saudi riyals.

The Saudi businessman, who called himself Abu Rakan on his Twitter handle, tweeted:
“This iPhone has saved a whole nation [Turks] and prevented bloodbaths … I will purchase it and have it on display at the Saudi national museum for Arabs to learn the repercussions of revolutions and battles.”

Abu Rakan then tweeted that he would purchase the presenter’s iPhone for 1 million Saudi riyals [around 266641 U.S Dollars] Qatarday reported.

The Saudi’s offer went viral on Twitter and different social media networks with some praising it and others criticising it.
According to media reports, the anchorwoman rejected Abu Rakan’s offer to buy her phone.