NEW DELHI (Web Desk)- A new research conducted at AIIMS has showed that men who smoke or consume tobacco in other forms are more likely to father children suffering from cancer.

This is so because microelements present in smoke cause oxidative stress that affects the genetic integrity of the sperm. This can also lead to infertility.

Professor Rima Dada, in charge of the laboratory for molecular reproduction and genetics at AIIMS, said sperm has minimal antioxidants and its DNA repair mechanism is also deficient, thus making it more vulnerable to oxidative DNA damage.

The study, which has also been published in a recent issue of the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, analysed the sperm quality of 77 men whose children suffer from retinoblastoma (a type of eye cancer) and 53 fathers of healthy kids.

Dr Dada said, in all, 33 were smokers, 31 chewed tobacco and 41 indulged in both. Only 33 men did not use tobacco in any form.

“We found that the quality of sperm was poor among all tobacco users.

However, the damage was extensive, almost irreparable, in fathers of children with eye cancer,” she added.

Courtesy: Times of India