BOURNEMOUTH (Web Desk) – A bachelor who sued a company after spending £7,500 on dances at a strip club will receive compensation.

According to details, Gill David said he was drunk and not in possession of his abilities when he dropped a third of his remuneration in one night, he claimed that club took advantage of him, RT reported.

He told the Central London County Court he had been “exploited” by the Spearmint Rhino club.

“I wasn’t in control of my faculties and didn’t realise what I was spending,” he said.

“I was coerced into spending a third of my salary in five hours.”

David told the court how he woke up hungover the day after, only to find credit card bills which included £1,800 (US$2,375) in tips for the girls in his hotel room.

The tips alone amounted to more than his monthly pay.

David, from Portstewart, Northern Ireland, came for a friend’s bachelor party.

The club representor Robert Sutherland said David had willingly paid for the “entertainment” from the young ladies, including time alone in a cubicle with two strippers.

“It was your decision – no one forced you into staying,” the solicitor told David.

After Judge Andrew Lenon QC suggested there was no clear victor in the case, both parties agreed to descend out of the courtroom.

Sutherland said the club has not admitted any wrongdoing, however, the settlement will see David receive a confidential sum.

David’s case has already encouraged other customers to come forward claiming they too have been exploited at the club.