MAKKAH (Web Desk) – Muslims across the globe on Friday will be able to spot the Qibla simply by facing the sun.

According to astronomers, the sun will pass directly over the top of the Holy Ka’abah in Saudi Arabia at 12:18 pm local time, coinciding with the Friday prayer time at the mosque. During this time, Ka’abah will cast no shadow.

“This celestial phenomenon will enable people all over the Earth who can see the sun at that moment to determine the direction of the Qibla through the simplest and easiest ways,” Mulhim bin Mohammed Al Hindi, an astronomy researcher at King Abdul Aziz University in Riyadh, told Saudi news agency SPA.

“A man facing the sun [at that moment] will be heading to the Qibla with an accuracy of 100%,” he added.

Alignment of the sun over the Kaaba in the Grand Mosque, occurs twice every year, according to CNN.