KRABI (Web Desk) – A pair of bird watchers had to be rescued when they got stuck in mud while taking pictures at a river estuary in Thailand.

The Norwegian duo were on holiday and ventured out with their cameras at first light on Friday to take pictures on mudflats in the southern Thai province of Krabi.

The construction worker approaches the stuck Norwegians.

But the mud was less firm than they imagined and the nature lovers found themselves sinking fast.

Fortunately, they were spotted by a construction worker, named by local media as Chat Ubonchinda, who managed to free them.

After trying to pull them free Chat Ubonchinda then takes their belongings before coming back to assist them.

But the rescue was far from easy as the mud was too thick to pull them out.

The builder had to lie down so the pair could pull themselves against his body, with one even crawling across his back.

Mr Ubonchinda lays on the ground and allows the pair to pull themselves out of the mud using his body.

The tourists have not been named.