ESSEX, England – Freddy, a 7-foot-tall Great Dane in England, has been revealed as the new Guinness World Record holder for the world’s tallest dog.

Guinness World Record officials identified Freddy, who is 7 feet 6 inches tall when standing on his hind legs, as the world’s tallest last month.


His owner, Claire Stoneman, announced the news of the record to the public in a blog post on Dec. 19.

Stoneman says she spends about $123 a week feeding Freddy a diet consisting of whole roast chickens and peanut butter on toast.

“I had no experience with Danes and how big they should be and no expectations,” she adds.


Despite the immense cost to keeping the massive dog fed, Stoneman told the BBC she is “utterly devoted” to Freddy, who also draws quite a bit of attention while out in public.


“If we go out in the daytime we get interrupted every five seconds,” she said. “Cars brake and stop to look at him.”