KIEV – A ruckus broke out between two Ukrainian MPs during a meeting of Parliament faction leaders when lawmaker violently reacted to accusations hurled by another legislator suggesting that Pakistani parliament is a much more civilized one.

The parliament meet was underway in Kiev when one party leader accused another of working with the Kremlin and called for him to be jailed.

Oleh Lyashko, the leader of Radical Party, was on the receiving end of several punches thrown by Opposition Party leader Yuriy Boyko after he accused Mr Boyko of travelling to Moscow to receive orders from the Government there besides terming him a ‘Kremlin agent’.

“Instructions must be received from your own people, from Ukrainians,” Mr Lyashko said. Other MPs were quick to intervene and end the scuffle, but Mr Lyashko continued his tirade, leading to a second fistfight.

Meanwhile, other law makers pulled them apart, and Verkhovna Rada speaker Andriy Parubiy warned Boyko that he could be barred from attending parliament meetings.