BEIJING (Web Desk) – A new detergent commercial from China has sparked debate on the internet for being too racist.

The beginning of the commercial shows a young Chinese woman loading her washing machine, who is approached by a young black man splattered in paint, who whistles at her.

Just when they are leaning in to kiss, the woman grabs the man, shoves him headfirst into washing machine and sits on top of it.

When the “load” is done, the woman grins and lifts the lid, allowing a clean, presumably Chinese man to come out of the machine instead of the black man.

Social media commentators have slammed the advertisers for their racist commercial.

However, a Chinese blogger explained it is part of the country’s “traditional beauty standards” which value white skin.

Some have also criticized the commercial for ripping off an Italian ad aired a decade ago, in which a scrawny Italian man is washed with “color detergent” to eventually emerge from the washing machine as a muscular black man.

VIDEO: Chinese racist commercial