Water is a scare resource and following its rapidly increasing prices around the world, people are looking for new ways of saving it.

Recently, someone discovered a new but weird trick to save approximately 2,500 liters of water per year per person. Unfortunately, it involves peeing in the shower instead of in the toilet.

Peeing in the shower is no more smelly or disgusting than peeing in the toilet. It all ends in the same place. The only difference is that the shower flushes it down with water that was going to be used anyway, while a toilet flush uses (drinking!) water that could have been saved, and that is where you are going to save some water and money. It also saves toilet paper, in case you’re wondering.

From a sanitary viewpoint, this is also safe and doesn’t cause any harm provided you are physically fit.

Your water savings will depend on how many people live in your home and how much water your toilets use. On a rough estimate for a family of five, you can save almost 8,200 liters of water per year.

Another great tip for saving with shower water is to put a bucket in your shower to catch all that cold water that comes just before hot water. This water can be reused for other things, such as watering your plants.