LONDON (Web Desk) – Believe it or not, this intricate, lacy looking wedding dress is actually a a masterfully executed cake, and all the pretty frills and ruffles are actually white icing.

The remarkable dessert was created by award-winning cake sculptor Sylvia Elba, in collaboration with artist Ilinka Rnic, and Fun N Funky Cakes founder Yvette Marner.


‘Weddible Dress’

It took the talented trio over 300 hours to complete, but in the end, they all agreed that the 70-kg heavy, 170-cm tall hyperrealistic cake-dress was totally worth it. They’re now calling it the world’s first “Weddible Dress”.

The life size wedding dress cake. See Masons copy MNCAKE: A cake-maker has come up with a wedding day must-have after creating the world's first 'weddible' dress - made entirely out of CAKE. The tasty little number was fashioned by award-winning cake sculptor, Sylvia Elba, and weighs a whopping 70kg. The Weddible Dress bridal gown took a team of three more than 300 hours to complete, and stands at an impressive 170cm tall. Ms Elba worked on the cake with Yvette Marner, founder of Fun N Funky Cakes, and artist Ilinka Rnic.

The cake is showcased at the Cake International Show, in London, which will conclude tomorrow (April 17), the Oddity Central reported.


According to the event website, Elba was asked to “produce an exhibit based purely on wafer paper to showcase how versatile it can be.”


So she came up with the idea of designing a cake that would be a “one of a kind life-size edible wedding dress around a mannequin, aiming to capture the essence of the forthcoming wedding season and produce a ‘wow factor.’”


“The life size edible dress, plus accessories will be made out of fondant, cake lace, and wafer paper which will be ‘sewn’ and fabricated with Fabriliquid,” the website added.


“To make the ruffles for the dress, they will use approximately 12,000 sheets of wafer paper, 10 bottles of Fabriliquid, 30 to 35 kg of fondant and 3kg of cake lace.” It obviously can’t be worn, but it’s good enough to feed plenty of wedding guests. If you can bring yourself to cut it, that is.


In the past, some awesome wedding cakes, like this giant Corgi, gained worldwide attention after setting a world record.


But the ‘Weddible Dress’ is truly a masterpiece.

Photos: Cake International/Facebook