NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – Nature is full of surprises and it astonishes us almost every moment. Recently, a one-year-old Indian child has developed pubic hair while also feeling sexual urges like a grown man in his mid 20’s.

According to doctors, the toddler named Akash is actually suffering from a rare hormonal condition called precocious puberty, which explains why he has the testosterone levels of a 25-year-old man, adult-sized genitalia and facial and body hair.

Akash’s parents, first noticed these unusual changes in their child some six months ago and told doctors that his genitals were growing abnormally big, while the rest of his body remained smaller than other children his age.

Talking to Hindustan Times, the mother said that they initially thought everything was normal. However, when the condition continued getting worse, they took him to the doctor who diagnosed their child’s disease, she added.

Akash is being given medication to relieve these symptoms, however doctors believe that his condition cannot be completely cured.

Dr Vaishakhi Rustagi, who is leading the team treating the kid, says this condition is actually traumatic for a child of this age and it could make him violent. He further fears that the child may stop growing prematurely, remaining 3-4 feet tall for all his life.

Precocious puberty is a very rare condition. The youngest mother on record, Lina Medina, who gave birth at the age of five years and seven months in Peru in 1939, also suffered from this condition.