BELGIUM – The self-proclaimed inventor of Pakistani reality television Waqar Zaka attended one of the world’s largest electronic music festival’s Tomorrowland this year and took it upon himself to represent Pakistan’s true colors at the event.

The festival took place in Belgium from 22 July to 24 July and the TV sensation has been posting a series of pictures and videos on social media to document his journey at the landmark event and update his fans.

While all the pictures do not make perfect sense, they are still entertaining to look at, especially given Waqar’s viral enthusiasm to bleed green and fly the country’s colors with pride.

In the caption of one such picture, he even claims to be the first person to enter the event venue.

In another picture, he can be seen draped in the Pakistani flag.

Curiously, he even went mildly religious (see below) at the event, which is choc-full of ravers and stoners wired on their choice of drug.

But the most confusing post by him was a video of him traveling to the event with a group of foreigners, while listening to Indian songs.


If Zaka was so keen on flying the Pakistani flag high, he may have considered a Lollywood number to impress the girls he had with him.