ATLANTA (Web Desk) – Growing up in a life of poverty, Justin Green saw his dreams come true after hitting $100 million Georgia lottery last month.

After cashing out his lottery ticket, he quit his job at Walmart and made plans for a better life, which for him meant getting gold plated testicles, a news website reported.

As a young man, Green was obsessed with the 2002 movie Goldmemeber; the Austin Powers parody of the bond movie Goldfinger in which Powers hunts a criminal who colours his victim’s private parts in gold.


So after winning the lottery, he approached many people in the gold plating business. However, he was turned down by everyone, saying that what he was asking for was too dangerous.

So, green took matters into his own hands. He was left ‘with no choice’ other than to start painting his private area with lead-based paint. However, he quickly decided it wasn’t enough. He needed the real gold, so he used a professional automotive gold plater to make it happen.


Unfortunately, he suffered the consequences of exposing his body to hazardous chemicals. He died shortly after the procedure.

Now, some say that this story is just an urban legend. What do you think?