WASHINGTON (Web Desk) – An unidentified reddit user has documented his experience at one Donald Trump’s charged rallies under the influence of LSD, one of the most potent hallucinogenic drugs in the world, in a post titled “Went to a Donald Trump speech on acid SUPER BAD VIBES”.

Despite making statements often termed as divisive by his opponents, Mr Trump has been able to draw massive crowds to his rallies.

The reddit user decided to attend the rally with his friends on LSD, even though none of them supported his ideas, just to see what the experience would be like.

The redditor described the atmosphere he witnessed upon entering Trump’s rally as being charged with “proud patriotism”, with a few undertones of ” depraved violence” to boot.

The crowd chanted USA! USA! USA! as soon as the republican politician came out for speech, he described.

During the speech he felt like he was in an endless “time loop”, adding that Trump did not stray off his pet topics. “Muslims this, guns this, illegals that, something about Hilary Clinton being disgusting by using the restroom.Then every 5 minutes after a bold statement, the crowd erupts into mindless cheers and applause. Endless time loop,” the redditor wrote.

Commenting about some protesters present at Trump’s rally, he said “one of them was yelling that Trump did 9/11.” From which he inferred “opposition is just as idiotic as the supporters [of Donald Trump]”.

However, he soon felt he was no one to judge others, after realizing that he himself had no rational reason for attending a Trump rally on LSD.

The tripper ended his narration by reflecting on the state of contemporary US politics and society, saying “as a country we are digging our own graves.”