AHMEDABAD (Web Desk) – In a gesture of protest, a man paid his estranged wife Rs 10,000 in coins on Wednesday.

Pruthvi Prajapati brought the change to the family court and put the bag before his wife Ramilaben, who had approached he court demanding maintenance.

Annoyed with her husband’s gesture, the woman refused to count he coins and simply grabbed he bag and walked away.

Prajapati’s lawyer, Pragna Vyas, said that the husband and wife started living separately in 2011, when he wife filed an application with the family court for main enance.

The court ordered Prajapati to pay his wife Rs 1,500 as maintenance every month, after the wife claimed that the husband owned a showroom, while the man claimed to be merely an employee in that showroom.

After the court ordered maintenance, Prajapati defaulted on payment on various occa sions.

When he failed to pay the amount since 2014, Ramilaben filed another application in the court seeking recovery of the money and requesting the court to initiate at tachment proceedings against her husband .

The new applica tions brought Pra japati to court aga in, as he had to pay his wife the money in the presence of the judge.

This time, he turned up with a bag full of coins and asked his wife to count them. “I don’t know why he brought so ma ny coins to court but he said that it was what he had,” the lawyer said.