MUMBAI: Indian police on Friday took the deplorable move of tying up a girl it had arrested with rope like an animal.

23-year-old Aparna alis Paru arrest was recorded in a video that went viral on the internet.

According to local media reports, Aparna’s sister-in-law, who resides in Garhwa, had filed a dowry case against her husband, father-in-law Dinesh Kumar and mother-in-law, accusing them of harassing her.

Upon raiding the house in Bank Colony, the police found Aparna’s parents and brother missing. The cops questioned Aparna and arrested her as she was also named in the case.

Aparna was kept tied at the Railway police station in Alwar and later escorted to Jharkhand in a train in the same manner.

Locals and the eyewitnesses captured the entire episode on their mobile phones.

However, the police said they were forced to tie the girl with a rope after she resisted arrest and tried to escape from hospital during a medical examination.