WASHINGTON (Web Desk) – US astronaut Scott Kelly has demonstrated new water-repellent mater by playing solo ping pong with a ball of water in microgravity at International Space Station.

The astronaut, together with Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko, are aboard the International Space Station on a record year-long journey and on Thursday they marked day 300 of their space odyssey, RT reported.

Kelly now recorded a video explaining how a new water-repellent material worked and he tested it by showing off some impressive slow-mo ping-pong skills.

Table Tennis is one of the most intense fast-reaction sports on Earth, the game turned out to be somewhat slower in space, but thrilling nonetheless.

The water ball doesn’t break up because the combined effects of surface roughness and non-wet ability produce a super-hydrophobic surface capable of preventing water adhesion in dynamic processes, NASA explained.